The Surprising Truth About the Infamous Trash Island in the Ocean

floating trash island in the ocean

The Surprising Truth About the Infamous Trash Island in the Ocean In the last decade, the production of plastic did not have any decrement. As a result of this, consumption has increased up to 340 metric tons. Small waste can be either incriminated and destroyed or recycled and reused. But ever wondered what happens to […]

What happens if Erupt Yellowstone Supervolcano Yosemite?

supervolcano yellowstone at yellowstone national park

What happens if erupt Yellowstone supervolcano Yosemite? Almost everyone has heard of the term volcano but only a few people have heard of supervolcanoes. According to the beliefs of scientists, supervolcanoes are spread just the same as normal volcanoes. Several supervolcanoes have been found until now. Caldera and supervolcano in America’s Yellowstone national park prove […]

Does Trypophobia affect mental illness? | Thinkers Via

All the people in the world are afraid of something. They are called phobias. Some people are afraid of high places. Others are afraid to fly. This article is about Trypophobia, the fear of holes and patterns. What is the Trypophobia? Trypophobia is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small […]

Oymyakon is a Coldest village in the world | Facts & Overview

The Oymyakon valley (coldest village in the world)

Living in the coldest city in the world is not so easy. But the people of Omyakon are accustomed to that cold and live in the coldest village in the world. What is their experience of living at temperatures as low as -64°C? Location Oymyakon is a rural area in the Oymyakonsky District of the […]