About Thinkers Via

We, Thinkers via is a blog started to provide the information on latest news and facts under the topics of Science, Technology, Astronomy, and History.


Most of the blog sites don’t provide you with the information you needed. You might have seen a glimpse of a news or a catchy subtopic and be searching on that or searching informative sources for your projects or else you wanted some concise info with significant facts, but their paragraphs were too lengthy and confusing. And most of all not updated. Did you get satisfied with what they provide? Think a bit about all the distress you had to go through.

Speaking of facts, our mission is to provide updated, reliable information that is understandable and clear to every age category.

Why have we started this?

The root cause we started this was we too had to go through a lot of trouble when we had to search for information on certain topics we had to go to several websites page by page and to take a summary we had to study over 5-10 hours. So, we decided to start this blog where we packed up the most important information simple and concise.